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The Golf Strategy Academy

Was developed by pouring over the resources from over two years worth of interviews with some of the best golf instructors in the world. These include: 
  • Doctors in Psychology who work with elite golfers on peak performance
  • PGA instructors with over 15,000 lessons taught
  • Award winning mental game coaches
  • Amazon best selling authors
  • State section PGA teachers of the year
  • Golf Magazine Top 100 coaches
  • Golf Digest Top 50 coaches
  • Former LPGA National Teacher of the Year

From here we created a series of specific practice routines that we tested on over 300 golfers, where we found some pretty amazing results.

  • Beginning players
  • intermediate players
  • advanced players
  • pros

As a PGA Professional I am always looking for actionable advice to help my players PLAY BETTER GOLF. That's what I found with Marty. I shared this piece about finding your Hot Zone with a group of students, and had one golfer record a 12 stroke improvement over the previous week. When I asked him what he credited for such a drastic improvement he cited using the strategy Marty provided to put himself in better places off the tee. Great work Marty, keep the information coming!"

Josh Boggs, PGA
Instructor - Columbus, OH

Focused practice is the quickest way to improve your game, so let's leave the old "Rake and Fire" approach in the past and start making some real progress!

Take Control of Your Game

Quick Question #1:

Is all this talk about randomized practice fact or fiction?​

There have been several scientific studies showing that when you randomize your practice your brain learns QUICKER and retains that information BETTER.  If we boil the science down to basic English it essentially says that when you hit a dozen 7 irons in a row you're teaching your brain that you don't have to get it right the first time, rather it's okay for it to work on the 4th time or 9th time instead.  When you randomize your practice you teach your brain that it only has a single chance to get the swing right, just like on the golf course!​  This process is so effective it is used in an array of different sports.

Dr. Christine Carter cited in her dissertation that brains are not as responsive when dealing with repetitive actions and used this experiment involving elite baseball players.  One group using block practice (bunch of fastballs, then a bunch of curve balls, etc) the other using randomized practice.

Dr Christine Carter

After twelve practice sessions, the baseball players in the random practice schedule hit 57% more of the pitches than when they started. The blocked group only hit 25% more of the pitches, meaning that the random practice schedule was almost twice as effective, even though the two groups hit the same number of practice pitches.

Wouldn't you like to get twice as good at golf by doing the same amount of practice?

Quick Question #2

Is this worth it?​

Here's what it would likely cost for you to learn all this through conventional golf lessons.​

Step 1:  Goal setting workbook & learning zone lesson


Step 2:  5 short game lessons 


Step 3:  4 performing under pressure lesson


Step 4:  3 on course playing & decision making lessons


Step 5:  4 Mental game lessons


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