"Golf is a game that is played on a 5 inch course.  The distance between your ears."  ~ Bobby Jones

Practice Like a Pro

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What the students have to say

Matt Adams

Personal best in 4 weeks!

”After four weeks of working with Marty on my hole by hole goal setting I went from a 28 handicap down to a 16.  Not to mention I  shot my personal best (78) at a course I had never played before!"

Progress Without Swing Changes

“Marty has taught me what it really means to be target oriented.  After a playing lesson on how to choose the best target with my swing I am now able to more confidently know where the ball is going and it's resulting in better scores and better shots.”

Ian Culver
Rob Margan

Amazing Practice Routines

“I started working with Marty after getting in a real funk on the greens.  I was missing the REALLY easy putts when there was even the slightest pressure.  Marty developed a practice routine for me that's been so effective I use it before every round and I attack my 6 footers fearlessly.  Thank you! ”

What the Pros Have to Say

Scott Robbins, PGA (#18 best in Texas by Golf Digest 2015-16)

Passion for and knowledge of the Game

“Marty has a great passion to share his experiences as well as golf professionals to enhance the everyman golfer's experience with the great game.  He is passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic in providing this service.  Just listen to him and his passion becomes contagious.  He will make you want to go play more golf.  And that's a good thing!" ”

Effective Strategies

“As a PGA Professional I am always looking for actionable advice to help my players PLAY BETTER GOLF.  That's what I found with Marty's article Using Basic Math to Find Your "Hot Zone".  I shared this piece with a group of students, and had one golfer record a 12 stroke improvement over the previous week.  When I asked him what he credited for such a drastic improvement he cited using the strategy Marty provided to put himself in better places off the tee.  Great work Marty, keep the information coming!"

Josh Boggs, PGA

About Marty

I started playing golf when I was 12 years old after two open heart surgeries forced me out of most mainstream sports.  Over the 20 years I've been playing I had to learn the hard way about how to prepare for competition and stay focused throughout a round.  

Playing high level tournament golf taught me a lot of these lessons but I didn't stop there.  I started doing research on how we can maximize our outcomes using a deliberate mental approach.  I've interviewed peak performance coaches, LPGA National Professional's of the Year, doctors of Sports Psychology, best selling authors, and more.  All in an effort to help golfers build their own refined mental approach that will let them play more confidently and have more fun.  

Let's be honest, we can't all swing like Jordan Spieth, but with a little help, we can think like him!